Jeff X Bio

Who is Jeff X?

Jeff X - Musician, Producer

Welcome, I am Jeff X a musician and solo independent music artist located in the South New Jersey area. The music business hates when they can’t put you into a nice neat category, but my music is influenced by all music that I personally like. So therefore in my original music you will hear a mix of these genres: Rock, Funk, Metal, Country, Dance, Pop, Punk and even possibly rap and techno at times.

 My last project that I have written and produced was the band, "The Fool Injectors" and we have won the best Original band in our area of South Jersey. I have been in numerous cover and original bands through the years as a drummer, vocalist, guitarist and bassist. Many pictures can be seen on this site from time to time of each project and past projects. My musical experience comes from rehearsals, live performances and Stockton State College.  I have opened up for big name acts such as, Joan Jett, Foghat, and John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band.

“Get Ahead” was my first CD of originals I released in 2003 (check it out here) and the Fool Injectors award winning CD, "Til We're Satisfied" was released in April 2011. Both CD's music in hardcopy form or downloads will available right here on the "Store" page soon. I am currently working on my new catchy single, “She Broke Down” and have not yet decided wether to release it as a single or album collection or both. Fan feedback on that is appreciated.

Welcome if you new here and check out my music and sign up on my mailing list for show info. !